Transcript Request Form
Instructions: Complete a separate form for each destination ("send to") request. Transcripts will not be released if you have a financial obligation or account hold with Zane State College. A $5.00 online payment is required when submitting each request. The transcript request fee is non-refundable.


(NOTE: ALL fields must be filled in to successfully submit the Transcript Request. )
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Program(s) of Enrollment Undergraduate Post-Secondary
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Reason for Transcript Request: Transferring to another institution
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Instructions: Please tell us how to process your transcript by checking the appropriate box. Transcripts will be processed within 5 business days of receipt of request. REMINDER: Online payment must accompany this request. Please submit a separate form if requesting more than one transcript.

If you are an institution requesting a transcript on behalf of a student, you are required to submit a signed release of information from the student. You may fax the release to 740.588.1363. Transcripts will not be processed until the signed release is received.


Send to my mailing address on file
Hold transcript for pick-up (Must present a photo ID to receive the transcript)
Hold transcript for pick-up by (authorized person must present photo ID to receive transcript)
Fax transcript to the individual and number shown below (NOTE: ALL FAXED TRANSCRIPTS ARE UNOFFICIAL)
Mail transcript to the address shown below:
    As soon as possible
    After grades are posted for the current semester
    After degree or certificate is posted


Send Transcript To:
     Address Line 2(Optional)
     City, State, Zip

By submitting this application I affirm that the information which I have provided on this Transcript Request Form is complete and correct.