Transcript Request Form
Instructions: Please complete a separate form for each "send to" request. Your transcript(s) will not be released if you have a financial obligation to Zane State College. A $5.00 online payment will be required when submitting this request.


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Instructions: Please tell us how to process your transcript by checking the appropriate box. Transcripts will be processed within 5 business days of receipt of request. REMINDER: Online payment must accompany this request. Please submit a separate form if requesting more than one transcript.

If you are an institution requesting a transcript on behalf of a student, you are required to submit a signed release of information from the student. You may fax the release to 740-454-0035. Transcripts will not be processed until the signed release is received.


Send to my mailing address on file
Hold transcript for pick-up (Must present a photo ID to receive the transcript)
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Fax transcript to the individual and number shown below (NOTE: ALL FAXED TRANSCRIPTS ARE UNOFFICIAL)
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    As soon as possible.
    After Graduation.
    After the grade submission deadline for the current semester has passed.


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